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About Expert and Legal Partnership “Sojuz” in brief

Expert and Legal Partnership “Sojuz” specializes on conducting complex independent research in the field of human rights protection, processes of development of institutes of democracy , development of civic society institutions in the Republic of Karelia.

Expert and Legal Partnership “Sojuz” was established by The Chaipersom of Human Rights Union in March, 2006 as the result of the development of the activity of Human Rights Union of Karelia which started functioning in 1998.

Partnership “Sojuz”was created to carry out research project of monitoring human rights situation and expert activity in this field. The organization started with an 8-year experience of realizing various human rights projects. Human Rights Union of Karelia (and later Expert and Legal Partnership “Sojuz”) have realized more than 40 their own and joint projects , thet were supported by international funds and other organizations (the USA Embassy in Russia, the Representative Body of European Committee in Russia, Fund of Soros, Ford’s Fund, Kanadian Fund “Civil Society”, RF Public Chamber and others).

In 2007-2008 Expert and Legal Partnership “Sojuz conducted severul research projects on a number of which analytical reports were prepared:

  1. Protection of rights of conscripts under the ongoing reform of drafting procedure (changes in the Federal Law “About Military duty and service”)
  2. events in Kondopoga in August-September 2006 ( analyses of reasons and consequences)
  3. development of NGO in Karelia (considering such novelties in Federal Law as “About non-profit organizations”, “About public unions”),
  4. level of development of regional mass media(coverage of court activity, interviewing journalists in Petrozavodsk and districts of Karelia),
  5. development of parliamentarism (freedom of opposition, assessment of the degree of independence if the legislative branch of power, chances of civil organizations to participate in law making)

Besides, Partnership “Sojuz” provided legal defense of individuals, NGO and Media in common law and arbitrary courts (defense of newspaper editors)

Igor Paltsev, Head of Expert and Legal Partnership “Sojuz”

Петрозаводск, пр. Ленина, 10а, офис 8, т/ф (8142) 76-10-60 Эл.почта: 321@karelia.ru
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